Start a Family Game Night with a Combination Chess Checkers Backgammon Set

If you are looking for fun activities that the whole family can enjoy, consider investing in a combination chess checkers backgammon set. These versatile boards allow users to play three different games in one. Each of these games is appropriate for all ages, so any members of the family, from grandparents to children, can enjoy them together. Unlike other board games, which can quickly become tiresome, these classic games offer almost infinite variations, so there is little risk that your clan will be anxious to move on to something new. For those who are hoping to start a game night that will be enjoyable for the whole family, these boards are a great starting place.

These simple combination boards have been a popular toy for decades. Most are designed in such a way that chess and checkers may both be played on the board’s checkered surface. In order to switch from one game to another, one must only change out the game pieces. To access the backgammon playing surface, just open up the board and the game may be played inside. Often, the chess checkers area will be in the traditional black and white, while the backgammon board will feature colorful green, white and red. However, a few different color options do exist, so feel free to deviate from the norm.

For ease of storage, and to reduce the chances that pieces will be lost, seek out a board that has a built in storage compartment. This way, the game can be completely self-contained. By keeping it all in one place, it can easily be brought along on long car trips or vacations, ensuring that all will have something to do, even on rainy days. The rules of each game are simple enough that they may be played by anyone. As individual skill levels increase, you may want to start your own round robin tournament.

If these traditional games are not your style, or not the style of all in your family, mix it up at game night by adding more options to the fray. Girls, from toddlers to teens, love playing fashion games. Depending on the age groups for which they are indicated, they may involve anything from dressing up a princess in fabulous clothing to strategy games set in a mall. Boys still love some of the more traditional gaming choices, such as those involving hidden battleships and electronic operations. Adding any of these games to your closet will help improve your children’s imagination and encourage them to spend less time with online video games.

Parents who are hoping to build more bonding time into their family’s schedules should consider starting a regular game party that may be enjoyed by multiple generations of one family. By keeping both traditional games, like a chess checkers backgammon set, as well as new games more likely to appeal to a younger set, you can ensure that this event becomes something that family members of all ages will be looking forward to all week long.