Some Great Toy Ideas

For parents it can be very hard to actually know what toys to buy for children. So many options actually makes it rather hard to think about what to get. Let’s take a look at a few ideas that are guaranteed to please. We will take a look at the Lalaloopsy doll which is one of the bestselling toys for girls and the Hedbanz game for kids which is great family fun.

First the Lalaloopsy. These rag dolls have been an instant success and there is no doubt that they are the most popular doll for girls at the moment. They are something a little bit different. There are ten of them to choose from and each one of them is different to the next. These are not a generic doll where they all look the same.

Each one has her own name and a pet and her own set of clothes. Girls have gone wild over them and if you want a guaranteed winner of a toy then these are the best choice for girls.

With the Hedbanz game for kids we are getting a great family fun game. We pick a card and put it on our headband so that the other players can see it. We then have to fire off questions to find out who we are in under a minute. It is fast paced and a lot of fun and there is no doubt that it becomes really rather addictive.

If you want to keep the children amused then Hedbanz is a very good option.

Hopefully these two toys will have given you a few ideas for what to buy for the children this year. There is no doubt that girls will love the Lalaloopsy and everyone is definitely going to love the Hedbanz game, it is hours of fast paced fun for all.