Some Baby Shower Ideas For When You Are Stuck

So, you are attending a baby shower and it’€™s a boy! Now it is a question of what do you give as a gift for the expecting mother? Here are a few gift ideas for a baby boy shower.

A baby boy diaper cake is a crafty gift idea and it is great one, because the mother-to-be is going to need plenty of them. You can make them yourself or buy one pre-made. You can even decorate the cake with some other baby boy items in the cake, like a stuffed animal as a cake topper or pacifiers. You can theme it to the shower or just decorate it in blue ribbon. You can make it simple or as ornate as you like. It also makes a great centerpiece for the shower.

Baby boy clothing is always an excellent gift idea. Babies grow so fast, and are always getting their clothes dirty, so the mother will love having a large supply of clothing on hand. Consider buying sizes a little larger than newborn because babies grow so fast and will move from newborn baby clothing to infant sizes within a few weeks. One pieces, overalls, t-shirts, body suits and everyday outfits will be essential. Stick with natural materials, such as cotton, because it is softer and more comfortable for the baby’€™s skin. Babies also need to keep their little feet protected from all kinds of weather so baby boy shoes are a great gift idea too. Outerwear is another baby clothing item that gets overlooked at a baby shower gift. Hats, baseball caps and jackets will help protect from cold and block out the sun.

And A New Story Started ...Another shower gift idea is baby boy bedding. A great gift for the mom-to-be is a crib, if she has not bought one already. These can be very expensive for one person, so if you know a few people going to the shower, see if they would want to chip in some money and give it as a joint gift. If you are on a budget, a full set of baby boy bedding is a well-appreciated and needed gift also. A full set usually includes a fitted sheet, a pillow set, bumper and coverlet. A dust ruffle, valance, toy bag and wall decorations to match are often included as well. Check with the host or mother to see if the baby’€™s nursery is going to be themed, or decorated in a traditional blue.

Is the expecting mother still thinking of a name for her baby boy? A book of baby names for boys would be a unique gift. It would also help the mom with some ideas on this crucial yet exciting decision.

If all else fails, check with the host or mother to see if there is a registry for the baby. That will help direct you to the best and most needed gift for the baby boy.

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