Your Child’s Skincare Treatment Should Start on Day One

Skincare treatment is important starting from day one, not just for adults but also babies and young children. While there may be several reasons, most importantly is protecting the skin from the elements beginning with birth all the way through the end of life.

It’s very important to protect babies from not just sun burn but also wind burn that can cause dry rough skin as well as rashes on their faces and hands. Even a cloudy day outside can cause skin damage from the elements especially to very young children who have not built up defenses. Good skincare tips and precautions can prevent serious problems from developing.

Children and babies need protection from the outside elements with not just sunscreen, they may need a hat, or cover over their stroller as well as wind protection. Also, remember when young children are in strollers they’re in danger of flying debris, dust and dirt from the wind from natural sources and especially quick traffic on the sidewalk.

Once in school, children still need protection and be sure to use sunscreen especially on those days that are partly cloudy if they’re going to be spending most of the day outside. And remember wind burn can also be a factor on faces and hands.

As your child reaches their preteen and teen age years acne can become a problem. Be sure to watch what your adolescent eats and know that it’s been proven that sugary, greasy and food heavy in preservatives can aggravate an acne situation. Look to a dermatologist or your family doctor before the acne becomes devastating and remember that a bad case of acne can actually cause scarring on the face, neck, chest and back. Be sure to look for prescription remedies, herbal remedies or diet remedies to reduce the scarring and psychological scarring that acne can cause.

If you have a daughter who begins to wear makeup as a teen, give her some good makeup tips which include wearing sunscreen each day underneath her makeup. She can also find cosmetics products that include a sunscreen. Lipglosses and foundations often include an SPF of 15 or sometimes higher. You and she should both use good judgment in selecting makeup and beauty products.

Usually, skincare treatments targeting those over the age of 18, remember that skin care needs to start on day one. Protect your child from the harsh elements and outdoor exposure with not just sunscreen but also protection from the wind and cold. Remember to look for help with a teenagers acne before it gets too severe, look to herbal remedies, prescription medicine and watch your child’s diet.