Simple Advice On How To Have A Baby Boy

Are you looking for the most effective tips on how to have a boy? Let me guess, you already have 3 or more girls in the house after trying to conceive a little boy for a change. It is reasonable though if you are craving for a baby boy simply because you want a new face in the house. If you have been into many online sources, you must be equipped with some tips, but what these tips that we are about to give you are simple enough for you to follow.

Sexual positions. Expert gynecologists stated that it plays a wide part in determining the sex of your child. It has been found out that deep penetration during sexual contact gives the higher risk of conceiving a male fetus and is one of the most important factors of how to conceive a boy. It causes a closer contact between the sperm and the cervical area, making the male sperm fertilized first before the female genes reach the egg. A ‘doggy style’ is one of the best sexual positions that allow deep penetration which you and your partner can try.

Timing and Frequency. When you wish to have a baby boy instead of a girl, then this factor plays a great role too. The rule is that you must have sex at least 24 hours before ovulation and at least 12 hours after ovulation stops. This is primarily because of the cervical mucus that is prominent during the ovulation that makes the cervical canal slimy, making the Y make chromosome swim quicker and easier. However, as a woman, you have to keep track of your ovulation period well since determining it can be a real disadvantage.

External factors. Men can be another way of helping you in determining the sex of the baby. If they are to wear underwear that is less constrictive and allows increased ventilation, it is more likely that the testes acquire a cool and right temperature that will make them produce more sperm cells. This will lead into an increased probability of conceiving a boy. Avoiding menthol cigarettes that contain chemicals that reduce sperm production is another thing to consider.