Simple accessories to improve wheelchair user experience

Users of wheelchairs faced the grim prospect of spending the most part of their lives using this device. To able bodied people like us, we may not be able to understand the challenges and difficulties associated with sitting too long or using the wheelchairs. As the people are confined to a small area and movements restricted by the mobile device, there are many things which is beyond their reach. However, if you know the simple accessories that can help improve the wheelchair user experience, then you can make a big difference to the lives of these people.

One of the most popular accessories is the cup holder for wheelchair, this may be a basic accessory but it helps solve a long time problem encountered by users. With this holder of drinks attached to wheelchair, users now have a place to temporarily store their opened can drinks or cups when they need to move. Previously, they will simply hold it dangerously on their laps and risk it tipping over to catastrophic effect. This accessory can be easily fixed to any part of the wheelchair with a clamp and adjusted to a suitable height for the user. Newer wheelchair mug holders are able adjust its holding circumference to suit the width of the cups. Some have additional features such as covers for further spilling prevention.

Another popular accessory is the umbrella holder for electric wheelchair. It is another challenge faced by users when they are by themselves in a rainy or sunny day. As their hands are required to steer the wheelchair, they cannot hold up an umbrella to shield themselves. This thing to hold umbrella for wheelchair is a great accessory attached to the push handle of wheelchair. It is strong enough to hold aloft a big and heavy umbrella and provide the necessary shade for users.

There are much more accessories which you can find that will greatly enhance user experience of wheelchairs and help alleviate the stress that comes from using this device.