Silly Bandz – The Latest Trend for Kids

Maybe you haven’t heard of Silly Bandz, but if you know anybody under the age of 18, you have probably at least seen them.  They are colorful bands that are stacked on kids wrists these days in quantities sometimes in the triple digits.  If you inquire about this rainbow of color that can be splashed as high the elbow, the wearer will excitedly pull one of these bracelets off, and show you the real appeal, it will instantly flex back into its original shape.

What original shape is that?  Well they come in the form of animal bracelets, princess shapes, letters of the alphabet, race cars, airplanes, ponies; you name, and there’s a bracelet for it.  The bands are made of silicone rubber – the same material that make up LiveStrong, and other common “cause” bracelets, and retain their shape when stretched.  This means kids can wear them around their wrist all day long, and at the end of the day when they’re removed, they will instantly pop back into their original shapes.

The Year of the Silicone Bracelet

These Silly Bandz are becoming quite a phenomenon because they are cheap, come in large quantities for the price, and are extremely tradable.  This means when you send your kid to school after having bought them a 24 pack of baseball equipment shaped bracelets, they might come home with a variety of shapes ranging dinosaurs to geometric shapes.  Some of the more coveted bracelets glow in the dark, or change colors in the sun.

The products available from Silly Bandz expands beyond the simple bracelet as well.  If you run out of space on your wrist, you can purchase a necklace that is designed to allow you to dangle your favorite brandz around your neck.  If you need a lunchbox, they have you covered there too, with the Silly Pailz lunchbox that comes complete with 74 new Silly Bandz.  Expect more accessories to come as this fad continues to gain momentum.

Adults may find it hard to believe that these simple animal bands are catching on so quickly, and on such a large scale, but kids are having no problem accepting it and adopting the trend.  Silly Bandz are expected to continue growing their fan base, and there seems to be no stopping this latest fashion trend.