Should You Buy an eBook Reader for Your Kids?

Your immediate reaction to the question, “Should I get an ebook reader for my child?” might be “No way!”. You may be thinking that they already have too many gadgets, and besides they should get off their behinds and go play outside. At least that was I thought when my daughter asked me for her own eReader. However, after giving it some thought, and reading ebook reader reviews, I reconsidered and changed my mind.

I realized how much I have come to use my Sony eReader, and how much more reading I’ve been able to do since owning one. That would be a great tool to equip my daughter with. The ability to pick up a book while she is waiting for me at soccer practice, or in the car. We all want to instill the love of reading in our children and what better way to do so than to give them the latest gadget to show off? I mean, that will only encourage them to use it more and more frequently, and in front of their friends.

Now, if you are concerned that there isn’t enough youth reading material available that your son or daughter would be interested in reading, let me reassure you that this is changing week by week. Publishers are now realizing that digital publications are being consumed at a faster pace than their paper counterparts, and therefore there is a rush to get more and more content out there for the public to buy.

Not all ebook content has to be purchased though. There are thousands of free ebooks available to download to your reader. You can also access many more books – even new releases – through your local public library. In fact, if you own an Amazon Kindle, you can lend and borrow Kindle ebook editions from your friends who also own Kindles.