How To Store That Pile Of Shoes

What to do with all those shoes? Like many households, there are often piles of shoes that can be found around the house. Sometimes, it will be at the very front of the house, visible when you walk in. It might even be in your hallway closest, where you have to look through tons of clutter to even find a matching pair. Even your bedroom closest might have a few shoes lying around. Here are two ways to try and end the life of clutter and make it a lot easier to organize the shoes.

One of the ways to fight the mess is to utilize the shoe storage bench. The shoe storage bench is a practical and easy method of storage and can also help you better keep track of and arrange your shoes. These systems start at around forty dollars and can come up to about two feet in width. It also comes with two wires that will hold up to nine pairs of shoes at a time. Shoe Storage benches are great ways to store your shoes and also be able to identify them from a distance. You could place this in a variety of places, including your hallway, or even a garage from winter usage. Winter use of this system would be perfect because these benches have special racks that allow the air to circulate within the shoes so that they will be able to dry. The racks will also allow the shoes to drip so the water falls right of.

One other way to store shoes in under bed shoe storage systems. This is like a little storage compartment you put under your bed with your shoes. Your bed space is often wasted, but this tool could help you add more space by using up normally unused space. You can zip it to guard the shoes from dirt and then slide them under the bed.

You should definitely try these 2 storage systems in order to unclutter your home and closest to make your life a lot easier.