Sharing a Home

Although there are more and more single person households these days, the majority of us share our home with someone and often more than one person. This can become a problem when you want your home to look good and the other occupants seem to have a quite a different agenda. It is often a matter for compromise but in case you are having problems here are a few tips to help you live in harmony with others (and keep your home looking good):-

Your Partner

Couples offer differ in matters of taste and in what is acceptable at home. For example, there are some guys who think it is fine to have a living room strewn with motorbike parts (yes, really!) while the guys might get irritated at a large (and seemingly unnecessary) shoe collection owned by their other half and regularly tripped over. Make sure that you discuss what each of you like and need from your home before any large purchase and agree some ground rules about how your home will be used and looked after.

Small Children

Kids must have their needs taken into account too and if you decorate without doing that you will soon know the error of your ways. Your cream linen wallpaper will be covered in sticky finger marks you can’t remove and your contemporary white shag rug will not look its best with a large blackcurrant cordial stain. The kids will complain loudly too when they take their first steps walking barefoot on scratchy sea grass carpet or have to sit playing on cold marble tiles. Make sure that your furnishings can stand up to plenty of wear and tear and that where possible walls are easy to paint over and rugs are washable.


Teenagers like their own space and you will probably feel the need of yours too especially once they start going to bed later than you. Try and make room for them to have a den to take their friends or help them decorate their rooms and turn them into a mini living room. Teenagers need plenty of space to do homework too if you want them to do well.