School-Age, Preschool and Toddler Flower Girl Dresses

When you are planning your wedding party, you may consider adding a ring bearer and flower girl, especially if you have a large family.  These participants are usually toddlers or preschoolers.  The flower girl is usually a coveted role for young ladies, and there can be a bit of competition if there are several young girls who qualify for the role.

Ages for Flower Girls

The traditional age of a flower girl is somewhere between two and five.  However, children of this age can be difficult to direct, so be prepared for some comical activity, refusal to participate, or crying when things go live.  Girls ages six to eight may be better suited for taking on a role of this nature.  Girls who are nine or older are typically included in the wedding as junior bridesmaids, not as flower girls.  You will be hard pressed to find cheap flower girl dresses in sizes for older girls, as much more material is needed.  There is also the possibility that these girls will either reject the role of flower girl or be embarrassed if forced to accept.

Dresses for All Ages

Finding flower girls dresses for weddings for school-age girls is relatively easy, as they will have opinions on what they like and are more capable of standing still for fittings.  Selecting toddler flower girl dresses is more of a chore, as you may have a whining or crying child on your hands

Color Wonderful

White used to be the color of choice to represent the purity of both the flower girl and the bride, but you will now see ivory flower girl dresses as well as all different colors.  The bride will usually dictate what color is acceptable to her, as she will want the dress to blend with everything worn by her and the wedding party.