Safe Anti Aging Products for Teens

Although most parents know the importance of a good daily skin care routine. Many young women – teenagers – are getting the message that aging is ‘bad’ and ‘anti aging skin products‘ may be the solution.  Most young girls have the discipline to cleanse, tone and moisturize daily but when that inevitable blemish or ‘zit’ shows up they believe what they are doing isn’t enough and those media messages start to ring in their ears. So, we know that maintaining a healthy look means sticking with the basics but  what are you to do when your teenage daughter wants to try anti aging face products? There’s no sense resisting because they will try them with or without your blessing so you may as well be educate and in a position to share what is safe.

Here are some anti aging beauty products that are safe for teenagers to use:

  • Eye Creams – Teenagers can get puffiness and fine-lines under their eyes just like adults and they can benefit from using a high quality eye creams. It is important to get an eye cream that is all-natural. Also, check the label and make certain it does not  state anywhere that the cream was formulated for mature skin. You want to avoid chemicals that are found in products for mature skin.
  • Firming Lotions – Young ladies can get benefit from firming lotions and creams as they provide moisture and nutrients which help the skin remain soft and youthful. Again it is key to use only products which are clearly labeled as being all-natural.
  • Microdermabrasion – This is a term we hear all the time now but essentially it is just a form of exfoliation. Kids and adults alike are constantly growing new skin and it’s important to get the old layers of dead skin out of the way. This is can be done at home but some girls like the treat and grown up experience of having it done professionally.

Now the two best anti aging skin products for teenage girls (or boys) aren’t even products! Plenty of exercise, preferably outdoors and good quality sun protection are the most important things anyone can do to maintain a healthy and youthful look regardless of their age. While anti aging beauty products can help to keep skin hydrated and fed exercise and sun protection are still top of the list for keeping young skin looking young. That said,  many anti aging facial products, particularly facial moisturizers, do have an SPF ‘sun protection factor’. It’s important to make sure they are clearly labeled as SPF30 or higher and that they protect against UVA and UVB rays.