Replacing a Crib with a Princess Bed

Are you replacing your daughter’s crib with a new bed? Replacing the crib with a princess bed might be a great way to ease her into a new bed and still give her comfort.

Princess Bed with Crib Mattress

Most of the time, you can find a princess bed that uses a crib mattress that can help to reduce cost and maintain the security of a smaller bed. When you are looking for a new bed for your daughter you can find many different styles of beds that are designed just for toddlers that use the same crib mattress that you already have. This can help your child to feel safer and more secure about moving up to a big girl’s bed as the size is still small but more open than a crib.

New Bedding

One of the great things about getting rid of a crib is that you can finally replace the baby bedding with newer shabby chic bedding. Your daughter will love the idea of helping to pick out her new bedding. She will love replacing her teddy bears and baby animals with sheets that will match her princess bed! This also will give her more self-confidence as she is able to now help to make decisions about what she wants rather than Mom and Dad deciding everything for her.


Painting your daughter’s room can be another great step in helping her to feel more like a big girl. She will love to see her room transform from that of a baby to that of a big kid. Sometimes you can do this by simply replacing the bed and painting a bedroom. Allow her to help choose the color as well! She will thank you.

As you can see there are little things that you can do to help your daughter feel like more of a big girl as you are replacing her crib with a princess bed. Make the changes today and see how happy she becomes!