Four No Fail Methods for Removing Hair at Home

You know how it is when you have professional hair removal treatment at the salon. You have to make the appointments at times which suit them as well as you. You have to remember to go. You have to get there and then you have to pay for the treatments and get home again. Yet, removing hair at home is perfectly possible. Here are the best four ways to avoid expensive salon treatments and remove hair in the privacy of your own home.

1. Shaving

You can easily shave your legs and underarms when you have a bath or shower and avoid expensive waxing treatments. If you do this every day or so you’ll remain smooth and can bare your skin at any time. Although you have to keep shaving it’s really a no-fuss way to stay hair free.

2. Depilatory Cream

You can tackle your bikini line with a special hair removal cream made for that area and avoid the pain and embarrassment of the bikini wax at the salon. Or you can use depilatory cream on your legs instead of shaving. (Shaving is a lot quicker and less messy however).

3. Epilator

You can use an epilator and take care of many of your hair removal problems without any bother at all. It is a bit uncomfortable until you get used to the sensation of the machine pulling out your hair at a fast and furious pace. But most machines have in-built pain relief these days which massage your skin as soon as the hair is plucked or cool the skin, reducing discomfort a lot.

4. Waxing

Although it is a good idea to book a salon treatment the first time you try waxing to get an idea of how it’s done, you can give yourself a professional quality wax at home if you buy a good quality waxing kit which has a wax warmer. Although waxing can be a bit messy, as long as you are careful and use a cover to protect the carpet or floor when you are applying the wax you should be fine. Waxing is probably not the best choice for male chest hair removal though.