Reflux In Babies and How To Protect Them

Does it seem like your baby is constantly spitting up? Reflux in babies, which you may also know as gastro esophageal reflux, is a problem that occurs a lot among babies. Babies with acid reflux often suffer from a range of conditions, from a mild degree to a severe one, such as recurrent spitting up, abdominal pain, and night waking. Acid reflux in babies is a very difficult problem to deal with; however, there are things that you can do to help your baby to fight this problem. You will be able to protect your baby by reading the information you find here.

One of the most dangerous types is silentreflux in babies. If your baby is suffering from silent reflux you will want get this treated immediately. This is a type of reflux in babies that may go unnoticed because if you do not pay very close attention it is hard to know that your baby has it. If you want to make a quick discovery then there are some things that you will notice. You will first notice that your baby is burping up acid but is not spitting it out. Instead your baby is burping up the acid and then swallowing it again. This is a very dangerous type of reflux in baby and will need to be treated as soon as you discover that this is happening.

If you have discovered that your baby has acid reflux there are some things that you will want to start doing in order to make the baby more comfortable. One thing that you will want to do is start feeding your baby smaller amounts more times per day. This means that you will only feed your baby a little bit at a time, but you will feed them more frequently. This will help the food to digest faster and means that your baby will not be burping up more acid.

Reflux in Babies

Reflux in Babies

Since gastric reflux in babies is serious you should feed your baby in an upright position to keep the food contents down. The gravity of the baby sitting straight up on your lap means that the food will stay held down in the baby’s stomach better and they will not have to worry about the acid being burped up. You will want to be sure that you keep your baby sitting straight up in your lap for about a half hour after feeding so that all of the food has time to digest properly.

Reflux in babies is a very serious condition that could cause a lot of pain and discomfort for your baby. If you notice that your baby is having a hard time sleeping soundly through the night, is having stomach problems, or is spitting up a lot then you may want to take your baby to the pediatrician and get him or her examined to make sure that your baby does not have acid reflux. By following these tips you will be able to help your baby if he or she does get reflux or you will be able to prevent it from ever happening in the first place if your baby does not have it.