The Quinny Stroller and Baby Bassinet

Families often give a great deal of thought when deciding to have children, so why would they do the same when looking at strollers for their newest addition? By any measurement, if parents give an honest evaluation of baby strollers the Quinny stroller is hands down the best on the market. Whether you want just a basic stroller or a system, which allows for great flexibility and usefulness, you will conclude that Quinny strollers are at the top in every consumer category.

If you are interested in style, Quinny zapp strollers rule the roost over all others. If you are fixed on safety, and what parents are not, then Quinny baby strollers run away from the rest of the field.

For the longest time these strollers could only be accessed by ordering them from the UK where they are manufactured. Now they have arrived in the US and are even more highly sought after than before. Though the Quinny stroller no longer has to be ordered in the UK, the cost of this system is not much different than in years past.

A basic Quinny zapp stroller will cost parents no less than $190 and can actually require a $750 investment to acquire a more advanced system. If you want to have additional features offered for Quinny strollers owners you can expect to pay as little as $20 for a cup holder or $200+ for other features. The baby bassinet, a favorite for those who have purchased this stroller, will cost $200 while the car-seat attachment sells for around another $200. One can easily spend $400-$500 for the Quinny stroller system.

It is true you can go to a discount store and purchase their brands at a fraction of the cost one pays for a Quinny stroller. However, you can also know that the discount brand cannot begin to offer the functionality nor the safety found in the Quinny zapp strollers. If you want the cream of the crop in every way, then a Quinny stroller is for you.

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