A Good Quality Crib Mattress Is Essential For Your New Baby

There are comparatively few items that are absolutely essential for buying prior to the arrival of your new baby.  It is easy to think that nappies, or bottles, or frilly clothing are essential, but in actual fact all these things are easy to buy afterwords and actually not that important to get absolutely right.  The fact of the matter is that for a newborn baby you really only need to get two things right, the car seat and the crib mattress.

The car seat is perhaps one of the most obvious items to get spot on right, and I doubt there are many new families who have not made sure that they have the best quality and most comfortable car seat that they can afford prior to the arrival of their new addition.  How many parents think through the purchase of the car seat very thoroughly.  I would suggest that the vast majority do as it is easy to think of the consequences of getting it wrong.  However I would contend that significantly fewer give anywhere as much thought to the purchase of the crib mattress.

CribAnd yet, isn’t it obvious.  Your new baby will be spending an awful lot of time in the first two years of its life, fast asleep (hopefully) on the crib mattress that you purchase.  And yet all too often a lot of thought will go into the purchase of the crib or cot, but almost nothing into the crib mattress.  Your baby will not care at all if it is lying in a fancy crib, but be assured if the crib mattress is not right then you will soon find out.  You will be told over and over again until your are literally weeping with tiredness.  Make the effort now and save yourself some real problems later.  Buy a good quality crib mattress for your baby.