Two reasons why I don’t use Puppy training pads

Yes, that’s right, I don’t use puppy training pads, nor is it likely that I ever will. The first reason is that training pads for puppies are not available in South Africa where I live. Irrespective of which term I use at pet supply stores in my area – puppy house training pads, puppy potty training pads, training pads for puppies or puppy toilet training pads – my request gets met by a blank stare. When I then explain what they are used for, I generally get a shake of the head and the question ‘why would you want to use those?’ Even if cheap puppy training pads were to become available in South Africa (we do eventually catch up with the rest of the world), it is still doubtful whether I will ever avail myself of this product, the reason for which is described in the next paragraph.

The second reason why I don’t use puppy training pads is because I accept that puppy housebreaking is and will always be messy. Can you imagine not having to change nappies on a baby because they immediately know how to go to the toilet? The same applies to puppies, and unless you keep them outside from the word go, you have to accept that they will not be able to control their bladder or bowel movements for extended periods of time, and will have to go to the toilet pretty regularly. Whilst someone is in attendance, this is not a problem as the puppy can immediate by taken outside when nature calls and it is noticed. Unless you are willing to get up every hour or two during the night, messes are going to happen.

Simple measures such as limiting their water and food intake relatively early in the evening, taking them outside as late as possible in the evening before you go to sleep and again first thing in the morning will limit the amount of mess however. In my case, I always have ceramic tile floors that are easy to clean in the area where I initially keep my puppies at night, and newspaper on the floor has always served me well. Later, when the puppies are a bit older, can control their bladder and bowel movements and have learnt to indicate when they need to go, they move to the carpeted bedroom.
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