Puggles and Children

Puggles are usually great with children, but if children and dogs are playing together in the garden, do keep your eye on them, because there is nothing the puggle enjoys more than having a good old dig. And the pleasure is multiplied a hundredfold if he manages to get soil all over the children’s clothing. Squeals of delight all round… except perhaps for the person who has to restore order to chaos and then wash all the clothes.

The puggle is an affectionate little chappie and a great playmate for children of all ages. He’s not in any way aggressive, but he does love the sound of his own bark. Parents of small children, planning to add this – or any other – dog to their household should of course realise what they are taking on. Dog-ownership is not for the faint-hearted… particularly in a house full of children.

Puggle Puppy

Puggle Puppy

Daily walks, feeding, grooming, innoculations, veterinary fees, and possible insurance need to be considered. Then there is the question of family holidays. Will the puppy be joining the family on their annual holidays, or have to be kennelled? Puppies, like babies, need to be ‘potty trained’ and no-one needs telling what a complicated procedure that can turn out to be with a mischievous puppy intent on marking his territory whenever and wherever he fancies.

The potential lifespan of the new arrival should also be taken into account. Puggles can be expected to live 10 – 15 years. That is quite a commitment and sadly, it is also why so many puppies end up at rescue centres once the novelty has worn off.

All too often, individuals – or whole families – take on a puppy because it looks so cute. But when they realise the hard work (and expense) involved as that puppy matures, they have second thoughts and callously pass their canine friend to a rescue centre. Or worse, dump in at the roadside. At the website About Your Dog, there are many stories of such abandoned dogs.

So if you have children and are planning to get them a Puggle, make sure you are in it for the long haul, not just the novelty value.