Pressure Mounted Baby Gate Advantages

On the surface, baby gates seem to offer essentially the same functionality: to block entrance to areas in the house that are unsafe for children. But given the huge diversity of designs on the market, some must have advantages over others. Some differences are minor, like the color or material being used, but there are two main strategies to affix safety gates in doorways and stairways: with pressure mounts or hardware mounts.

Pressure mounted baby gates are more widespread than hardware mounted baby gates, and usually for good reason. Pressure mounted gates are typically cheaper, and almost always easier to install, remove and reinstall in a different location if desired. These products have U-shaped frames enclosing an inner gate that opens with an adult release latch (some deluxe models close behind the user automatically). The sides of the units feature padded bolts that slide or screw out to brace against the framing members where the gate is installed: usually a door frame, sometimes a wall and stair railing.

Pressure Mounted Baby Gates

Pressure Mounted Baby Gates

The nicest attribute a pressure mounted baby gates is their simplicity. In most cases, they come preassembled, and require no tools to install. Installation usually involves little more than extending the bolts, making them easy to move from one room to another as needed. For instance, the gate might usually stay in the doorway of a bedroom, but may need to be temporarily installed in the kitchen while cooking. Or you might take it with to the neighbor’s house for use during a children’s birthday party.

This would be next to impossible with a hardware mounted baby gate, which isn’t self-contained. Hardware mounted gates use brackets at attach to walls, posts and door frames with wood screws, making them semi-permanent installations. Some can be detached from the brackets for storage when not in use, but the brackets can’t travel with the rest of the frame, so these gates are definitely not portable. Moreover, hardware mounted gates leave blemishes and holes when they’re eventually uninstalled, which is not the case with pressure mounted baby gates.