Popular Japanese Names as Baby Names

Everything that a parent prepares for a baby’s arrival will eventually be forgotten or replaced, except for the name. The new crib, the multi-functional stroller, the baby-sized clothes, the high-grade feeding bottles – all will be left on the storage shed after a few years because they won’t have any use anymore or they simply won’t fit anymore. However, the name that the mother and the father will give their children will forever be his or her identity. That is why parents often invest a lot of time looking for a perfect name – a name that is unique, meaningful and can be easily remembered. And what name can impeccably satisfy these criteria than a Japanese name? Parents can choose from a variety of popular Japanese names listed on online sites dedicated to name-listings.

“Why Japanese names?” you might ask. Japanese names are evocative, oriental and have a wide-range of meanings that will surely suit what you envision your baby will become in the future. Names with meanings like “child of excellence”, “generous” or “star” are just some of what you need to look out for. Conversely, there are a lot of Japanese unisex names that can be used if you are unsure as to what your child’s sex will be. This will save you from preparing an inappropriate name for your yet unborn child.

On the other hand, the equally long list of Japanese surnames and meanings can also offer good options for you. The difference between Japanese first names and Japanese last names is that, Japanese last names have a more geographical origin compared to the first names. Some of the meanings that come with these names are “small bell tree”, “mountain below” and “bridge true”. Choosing from either the list of first names or last names will not make a difference at all as long as you think that your choice is perfect for your future son or daughter.