Popular Ivory Veils

An ivory wedding veil is an ideal accessory to complete your wedding day look. Ivory veils are a classic symbol of the American wedding tradition. Nevertheless, there are a wide variety of ivory veil options for the modern bride. From cathedral veils, to birdcage veils or even simple elbow-length veils. There is certainly an ivory veil option which will perfectly tie into your radiant and memorable wedding day look.

Birdcage veils

Birdcage veils are gentle, elegant and reminiscent of vintage weddings. Birdcage veils were most often worn by brides throughout the early 1900s, but they were exceptionally popular in the 1940s and 1950s. Of course, the most popular shade used in birdcage veils, was, and still is, ivory. Birdcage veils are characterized by a blusher made from french netting. Beautiful accents which add to the beauty of a bride’s look, such as Swarovski crystals, artificial flowers, pearls and gemstones are often implemented into the design.

Elbow-length veils

Elbow-length veils are an exceptional ivory veil option as it offers an eccentric charm to your bridal look. This type of veil is regarded as cute and quirky, though quite uncommon in these modern times. Elbow-length veils are ideal for brides which choose to swim against the current and are hoping to distinguish their bridal look from the run-of-the-mill wedding attire.

Ballet Veils

A ballet veil, also commonly referred to as the waltz veil, falls around the ankle. This veil is ideal for brides which plan to keep on a veil throughout their reception, as it will allow them to dance freely, yet don a statement-making veil without stepping on their flowing veil. Ballet veils often have appliques or ribbon highlighting the border of the veil. As well as randomly placed Swarovski crystals and pearls throughout. This further enhances the statement the ballet veil makes as the length becomes more attention-grabbing with the embellishments.

Cathedral Veils

Cathedral veils are by far the most traditional ivory veil option. Cathedral veils are long, flowing and extend far beyond the bride often measuring over 130” in length. Cathedral veils make a dramatic statement when paired with a wedding dress which features a cathedral train; the pair form a dynamic duo. Of course, such a royal veil requires equally dramatic embellishments. The most common embellishments are applique edgings, lace, pearls, embroidery and more.

Whether you’re an eccentric bride, modern bride, classic bride or even a rockabilly bride, you’re sure to find an ivory veil option which best suites your personal taste. Like bridal tiaras, ivory veils have been a staple of the American wedding tradition for centuries and are certainly in the wedding fashion forecast for years to come. Therefore, any ivory veil you choose will be sure to delight your guests and look stylish in your wedding photos for decades to come.