Sorting Through Plastic Dog Kennel Confusion

The words dog kennel can be used by different people to describe considerably different enclosures for your pet. With most dog supplies there is little confusion as to exactly what type of product is being described. This is not the case here. While it may seem strange that these words can be used in such diverse ways, they all center on an enclosure for your pet.

In some areas it refers to an dog kennel which can be further described by some to mean a dog house, chain link dog pen, or a combination of the two. For use inside the pet owner’s house you often hear references to the wire pet crates that many animal lovers use to train their pets as kennels; both portable and stationary.

It has also been used when referring to such objects as dog carriers, as well as to refer to professional dog boarding kennels where you would leave your pet when you must travel or go on holiday. So when you’re thinking about making a purchase be aware of the possibility of miscommunication when approaching this subject. Even though there is a general agreement that these various devices describe some sort of containment or enclosure, these different types are used in widely different circumstances and situations.

Plastic Dog Kennel

Plastic Dog Kennel

The larger pen-type enclosures are meant to provide your pet with a place to safely get some exercise and are usually situated out of doors. They may or may not be accompanied by an additional enclosure such as a dog house which is meant to afford your pet some protection from the weather. Other enclosures protect your pet while being transported, whether in a vehicle, on a cart or with a carry strap. When you use the general word dog or pet kennel, the definition will depend largely to whom you are speaking to determine the exact apparatus in question. Knowing the broader range that these words occupy will help you to navigate successfully through any confusion and target exactly what will be the best plastic dog kennel for you and your furry friend.