Plastic bins for your garage

As someone who owns a couple of auto-repair and work shops, there are a lot of questions that come my way. Many of these questions are put forth by people who want to tinker with their own cars at home and are looking for some way to organize the whole setup in there. My best advice to them, once they get their tools is to organize them all in the right way. I personally use a plastic basket for the general tools like screw drivers of the same size and then use totes and stackable buckets for all the smaller items. When it comes to smaller bits and parts like spark plus I prefer to use a plastic storage bin for each kind. I use a different colored bin for every single kind of product and then use other kinds of baskets in different colors for storing other things.

There is a certain skill that is required to tune up a car and the best way to acquire that skill is by employing good technique and spending as much time as you can practicing the art of the repair and the tune. All of this however, begins from the whole idea of getting more and more discipline to your process, something that is impossible to achieve without an organized workplace.

flexible storageYou can also get some industrial strength plastic buckets that will help you take care of any oils that leak from the engine or when you are draining various fluids like the car’s battery acid and brake oil. Other things that you will need are plastic drawer inserts to ensure that your car’s spare screws and various other bits are taken care of by the tote itself otherwise you end up running the risk of losing them in the mess when you are working on your car.