Great Christmas Toys For Kids: The Plasmart Plasma Car

If you are shopping for toys in preparation for the coming festive season and you need to buy gifts for your children, then you are no doubt wondering which toys will present the best value. Too often we purchase Christmas toys for kids that our children quickly grow tired of and are discarded after the initial “buzz” of receiving the toy has passed. As you embark on our Christmas, it is helpful to have an idea in mind s to the kinds of toys that will hold their value, providing our children with the maximum replay value. While it is a simple matter to look at a top ten Christmas boys toys 2010 list on the internet. It helps to recognise the kinds of toys that keep cropping up, because they are timeless.

One example of a timeless gift that offers a superior level quality is the Plasma Car toy From Plasmart. The Plasmart Plasma Car, put simply, is a ride on toy car that generates momentum from human power alone. That is, it does not require batteries, or fuel cells. Forward motion is generated by the rider turning the car’s wheel in a back-and-forward motion and letting the forces of gravity, friction, centrifugal force and inertia do their magic. In other words, the Plasma Car has an inexhaustible power source, that never needs refueling. That power source is kid-power!
This revolutionary product is built from high quality plastic material that is designed to be durable and long-lasting. The vehicle is rated to handle a load of 220 lbs on a smooth surface and 120 lbs on an uneven surface, so it can easily accommodate an adult and young child who needs assistance.
Speeds of up to 2.8 meters per second can be achieved with the vehicle or 10 km/hours, giving young children a feel for riding a vehicle that is safe. Indeed the PlasmaCar could be used as a first-step before your child learns to ride a push-bike. The toy encourages a child to exercise out in the open too and the rotating of the steering wheel is great for upper body strength and endurance.
The Plasma car is the winner of many awards and has been around for a number of years, so is a proven and tested commodity. You can buy the plasma car through our website, which also features many other great Christmas toys for kids.