Planning For You New Addition With Stylish Crib Bedding

The drop-side cribs have become a thing of the past now that government has issued so many recalls on them. There is always something new coming down the road, though. Now you can buy a rectangular baby crib or a circular baby bed. And you can purchase a side sleeper to place right next to yours or uses a small cradle while the baby is still an infant.

Do you know the difference between a crib and a cradle? A cradle will be specifically for a newborn baby since it is smaller and more cozy feeling. Parents like them because they can keep it in their bedroom while the crib is in the baby room. They are great for the first month or two and then the baby outgrows it and moves on to the crib. The cradle are set up with a dust ruffle and a matching sheet.

Years ago, it was pink and white ensembles for a girl’s nursery and the traditional blue for the little boy. Today, you aren’t limed to those. One of the most popular choices is the fresh pink and green combination. You no longer need to have frills and lace for a girl’s room. Boys now have different color choices and bedding combination as well. How about a theme of the Dreamy Dragonfly or some Flannel Crib Sheets that will be cozy in the cool of winter and absorbent for those long hot summer nights.

Colorful crib nursery bedding sets and unique themes are not the only choices any more. For example, you might be in love with a beautifully finished antique crib or a wicker baby cradle. The furniture that you decide on will effect the design and style of bedding and colors.The finish of the wood of the furniture can be used as a part of the color palate of the room. Some are only interested in certain designer pieces, but chic moms and stylish parents know they find quality and budget most everything baby furniture is now sold.