Great Activities to Get Your Family Fit

It’s no secret that kids these days are more overweight than ever, and chances are you c stand to lose a few pounds two. The great thing about exercise is that it can bring the entire family together in a fun way that gets everyone fit at the same time. Just like a regular exercise routine for an individual, you want to have variation in mind while offering your family several options to get active. No matter how fun a particular exercise may be, it will get boring if you do it each and every day.

So it’s time to get creative in coming up with activities that your whole family will enjoy. And remember, you don’t have to emphasize fat loss or even personal fitness in an effort to get your family to participate – just tell them that you’re going to be spending more time with each other in a fun way and they’ll follow along. The fact that there getting a cardiovascular workout might not even dawn on them until they start working up a sweat. No one says that you have to drag your entire family to the gym to work out on exercise equipment, and this guy’s the limit in terms of the options you have to get active together.

The outdoors seems to be the most conducive to exercise and family fun. There are plenty of things you can do in the great outdoors and even something as simple as camping provides a lot of opportunities for exercise. You can go for hikes around the campsite, swimming in the lake, or mountain biking into the woods. Don’t those activities sound like fun? They also happen to be great ways to get active. The same type of fun can be found if you visit the beach, go for a family picnic, or you can even explore downtown together while doing window shopping and walking the whole way.

Another great activity that you can do together doesn’t even involve exercise at all. Cooking is a wonderful way to teach your kids about staying fit and the importance of General Nutrition. It can also be incredibly entertaining to cook a meal together, and something about food prepared in this way seems to taste just a little bit better. Remember that good habits you teach your children will stick with them for a lifetime, and cooking together will show them how it is possible to balance nutrition, health, and wonderfully delicious food.

Help Your Teens to Get Rid of Acne

Watching your teenaged child go through the ordeal of bad acne is not easy. You can feel the pain that they are going through in addition to the embarrassment they experience on a regular basis. It’s not easy to stand out from the crowd and trying to get through high school can be almost impossible when you’re known for bad skin. Teens can experience incredible social isolation and a significant loss of self-esteem if their acne is left untreated. As a parent, you can play a big part in helping your teenager to deal with how to get rid of acne in an effective way. Don’t worry if you aren’t fully versed on all of the information that surrounds acne and blackheads. Sometimes being there as a support system is even more valuable than trying to land helpful advice when you want to sure what you’re talking about. It’s far better to acknowledge that you aren’t an expert in the field and take your child to a dermatologist.

It’s likely that your teen already knows the basics behind acne care. It’s important to wash regularly using a good cleanser that gets rid of dirt and oil that can get lodged in pores. A topical acne cream that contains antibacterial properties can also help to lessen the effects of acne and the formation of blackheads. Any teenager who has been dealing with the problem already knows this information, and their main issue is finding relief despite trying whole series of products. Sometimes you need the help of a dermatologist who can assess your teens face properly and follow-up with the prescription of a more powerful medication. If your teen has severe acne then it will require a more serious course of treatment that can run for several weeks to months.

As a parent you can serve as a support system while your teen battles the problem. It certainly won’t be easy and figuring out how to get clear skin can take a heavy emotional toll. You will also play a vital role in pain for important medications since many acne products are quite expensive and beyond the reach of what a normal teenager would be able to afford. There are some creams and lotions designed for blackhead removal or medicated moisturizing that can run up to over $100 per bottle. Remember to make your teenager feel as normal as possible because that’s all they really want. Hopefully after pursuing a comprehensive preventative plan they will be able to enjoy clear skin with time.

Can I Make My Newborn Sleep Through The Night?

Ask any first-time moms what is the most difficult aspect of motherhood, and chances are, you will frequently hear the answer: exhaustion due to lack of sleep. While it’s true that newborns do sleep practically the whole day (or at least 18 hours a day) during the first six weeks, it isn’t non-stop sleep.

Newborns need to be fed, on the average, every 2-4 hours. There really aren’t any fixed rules as to how long new babies sleep, though. Some babies go right back to sleep after feeding for 5 minutes, without any hassles whatsoever. However, this isn’t always the case. Some babies feed for more than 20 minutes, would be wide awake for several more minutes after each feeding, before finally drifting off to sleep. When they become hungry anytime after 2-4 hours, they will wake up again. This cycle continues on eight times or so everyday.

During worse days, the baby will have fits of crying after feeding, and won’t sleep at all! And so it is wise if the mom will catch some sleep of her own whenever the baby is asleep, because she will need all her energy when her baby is awake.

So when will babies start sleeping “normally”? By “normally”, we mean sleeping for at least 5 straight hours starting midnight until early morning.  Typically, by 3 or 4 months, some babies have developed a normal sleeping habit already, but some babies also don’t. In fact, some will sleep through the day and be wide awake at night for a few weeks, then will do the exact opposite for another couple of weeks or so! For moms in this situation, I recommend reading The No Cry Sleep Solution and The No Cry Nap Solution. These books contain a lot of helpful tips on what to do when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night. You will learn valuable techniques that you can immediately apply to your baby and the result is both baby and mommy having more uninterrupted nights of sleep.

The Small Kitchen and the Working Mom

Most working moms, whether they are working from home or at an office, will complain that one of their hardest tasks is maintaining tidiness and order at home simply because so much of their time is otherwise occupied. But if you are living in an apartment with a small kitchen, this can be much harder. The problem with small kitchens is that the lack of space makes them very cluttered, with little room to put anything.

To make life easier, here are some small kitchen ideas that may help you:

– Cut your kitchenware down to a minimum. Obviously that does not mean that you should not go without the things that you need, but get rid of unnecessary stuff like that hideous polka-dotted tea set that Aunt Elizabeth bought you and you never use or the kettle that you are going to fix one day but has been occupying space in the cupboard for about five years.
– Don’t store anything in the kitchen that doesn’t belong there or could be kept elsewhere. For instance, you may consider putting kitchen towels and tablecloths in another room. And you don’t need to try squashing your washing machine in there either. If you don’t have enough room for it, maybe put it in the bathroom or on the utility balcony.
– How about using other resources such as the walls for storage? If you have a high ceiling, you can add another tier of cupboards, going as far up as the ceiling. You could also hang some of the pots and pans on the walls in a country style. This gives the kitchen a certain mock Victorian charm – and at the same time it solves a space problem.
– Have you ever thought of foldaway furniture? These days, you can buy kitchen tables that can fold down completely or counters that can be raised or lowered according to usage. Such items are found on line or at any kitchen furniture store.
– Other kitchen ideas include a portable workstation trolley that can be wheeled in and out whenever extra space or preparation room is needed, or washing racks that can be pulled down or up when necessary.
– Make sure that everything in your kitchen has its own home because clutter left on countertops creates a major feeling of mess and disorganization. In the same vein, develop tidy habits. If you put away everything as you finish with it, this prevents the buildup of clutter. Never leave the washing up till tomorrow.
– To make your kitchen look somewhat larger, how about putting a mirror on one of the walls? A large mirror can make any room look and feel much bigger.
– Paint the walls and ceiling a bright color. Bright colors give a feeling of space, as opposed to darker shades that can make the room look more dingy.
– Play around with the lighting to find out what would make the room look larger and more impressive.

A little creativity – and your kitchen will not feel too small at all …

Ways To Do Away With The Puffiness In Your Eyes

You might think that puffy eyes is just something you can rub your eyes and when they are gone, your eyes are normal again and you can forget even what caused the puffiness. A combination of late nights, cold weather, sleeplessness and other poor lifestyle issues are the most common causes of puffiness but they can also be a sign of a bigger underlying problem in your body. Water retention, aging, genetic factors and uncomfortable sleeping positions are some of the most prevalent causes of puffiness. The biggest question here with puffy eyes what to do to deal with the problem once and for all. Here are some beneficial tips.
First, you need to identify the root cause of the puffiness to be able to prevent it in the future and to know whether the puffiness is all you will need to worry about. To deal with the puffiness, you can apply some cucumber over closed eyes for about half an hour to reduce swelling or use cold teabags wrapped in a tissue paper then placed on the swollen area. Other home remedies you should consider include cold spoon treatment where you place a cold spoon on the eyelids, humble potato, rose and mineral water and herbal dressing using parsley and a mixture of cheesecloth and sour cream.
You can also gently massage the droopy eyelid and restore normalcy to the eye lids fast. Gentle massages will help relax the muscles and make the muscles beneath stronger to reduce the intensity and frequency of future puffiness and droopy eyelids. Once you have identified the root cause of the puffiness, the next step will be to prevent the puffiness by living healthy, protecting the face, getting sufficient sleep and other steps that deter this disorder. Recurrent puffiness may affect the delicate skin on the eyes and could lead to serious eye problems in the future.

Identifying Alcohol Intoxication

The medical condition of acute alcohol intoxication or what is more commonly known as alcohol poisoning claims dozens to hundreds of lives each year. The sad part about these victims of alcohol poisoning is that an overwhelming majority of them could have been saved with timely medical attention. Unfortunately, the majority of the alcohol drinking American adult population is quite unaware of the effects of binge drinking on the human body. In fact, a lot of people presume that alcohol’s effects are temporary at best and that the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal for adults is merely psychological in nature. These presumptions are largely uninformed and should be set aside because they are very dangerous when dealing with a substance that directly affects the central nervous system such as alcohol.
In fact, alcohol withdrawal is actually a long-term effect of chronic alcohol abuse and is experienced within a few hours after the last intake of alcohol of an individual whose body has become physically dependent on alcohol. The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal are caused by the physical effects of alcohol on the body moreso than any of its perceived psychological effects.
As to the presumption that alcohol only temporarily affects the body, this dangerous presumption could lead to another untimely death due to alcohol poisoning. The fact of the matter is that during alcohol poisoning, the body’s central nervous system is being actively affected by alcohol as the blood alcohol content of the individual rises. Unfortunately, the human body was never meant to process alcohol and taking in a large amount of the substance within a short span of time will eventually lead to acute alcohol intoxication. Once alcohol poisoning has set in, the individual must receive immediate medical attention or he is in very real danger of dying. If you suspect that someone you know is undergoing alcohol poisoning, call an ambulance or your nearest poison control center immediately.

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