Two Time Management Tips for Working Moms

Have you ever wished that there were more hours in the day? Do you find yourself running out of time just when there’s one more important thing that needs to be finished? Balancing the competing demands of work and family is never easy working mom. It requires a methodical strategy to get through the day without shortchanging one or the other. To help you get more tasks accomplished during your day, take a look at a few of these tried and true time management methods specifically geared for working mothers:

Use Cooking Time More Efficiently

You should try to spend your cooking time wisely and make it go as far as you can. Why not double the recipe is that you are using and cook for eight instead of four? It takes just about the same amount of time, but produces two meals instead of one. The extra cooked food can be frozen and be eaten a few days later, or can be stored overnight refrigerator and used for tomorrow’s lunch. Meals that keep well work best with this approach, including recipes for casseroles and soups as well as recipes for ground beef.

Keep Work and Motherhood Separate

Another secret of effective time management is not stepping on your own toes. That’s why you need to keep your work life and your home life separate. This part is especially tricky if you are a work-at-home mom. If your work allows you to make money from home, you might already be one step ahead in the time management game because you eliminate the need to commute. But then it becomes even more important to separate your work and home life. Choose your office hours and stick to them. Choose your family hours and stick to them too. It’s the only way to bring the best part of yourself to both parts of your life.

Awesome Eco-Friendly Presents for Mum!

Finding the perfect presents for mum can be easy when she already knows what she wants. For the mother that considers the environment to be on her top priority list, there is no choice but to go green or go home!

Is Your Mum an Eco-Warrior?

Whether your mother is already a selfmade member of the green movement or is just beginning to gain eco-awareness you can definitely hook her up with something that the planet will appreciate just as much as she will! An indoor spice garden is a fantastic starting point for an environmentalist: this gift will keep on giving! Consider picking up a kitchen composting unit (about $20) to sweeten the deal!

Your choice of presents for mum should reflect the ideas of sustainability, reduction, and recycling. A portable water bottle or insulated mug made from recycled materials fulfills all three of these ideals! She will save money on refills at her favorite beverage shops while eliminating a good portion of daily waste that would probably have gone straight to the landfill.

The most powerful present, by far, is the gift of giving. Surprise your mother with a donation in her name to her favorite environment or wildlife organization so that your thoughtfulness can translate directly into positive action! These transactions can be done digitally thereby preventing any waste from the production of a tangible gift.

Consider “upcycling” items found at flea markets or garage sales. Refinish old furniture, picture frames, or salvage a unique oddity to surprise your mum without being responsible for another needlessly produced item. Make something old seem brand new again and add a personal touch to make it truly hers.

Whether your looking for fun mothers day gifts or for any other loving occasion, environmentally aware gift giving is extremely smart in today’s world climate.

Time to start hunting for special presents for your special mum!


It is no doubt that owning a bike is one of the very strong desires of every child but most times, the child does not understand that he/she is too young to own and ride a bike. All the child thinks is that just because it looks easy, he/she can do it. Most parents actually know better, that the child might be too young to ride a bike and buying one for the child will be putting the child at risk of an accident which could be fatal for a young child. Unlike most things which you can let a child try and figure out the consequence for them riding a bike is not one of such as the consequence could be so fatal it could leave a permanent mark on the lives of both child and parent. No parent wants this and they find themselves in a very difficult situation as the child who they love so much does not understand this either. Telling the child that it is not safe only makes the child think that as a parent, you are making up unnecessary excuses because they see other children which are little older riding their own bike with no consequence. Unknown to the child is that there are important skills which are required before one can start to ride a bike and if these skills are not mastered, climbing on a bike might just be the fastest way to see a doctor. One of the best solutions for this scenario is to buy the child a skuut metal balance bike.

This bike has a lot of benefits which makes it quite a relief to any parents going through this issue with their child. The first thing is that you get to buy the child a bike, something which helps to calm them and the second is that you also provide them with a means to learn the necessary skills that they need to learn before owning and riding their own traditional two wheel bike. One might be tempted to ask for the features of this bike which makes it to be beneficial to both the parent and their child. The truth is that the bike has no pedals/training wheel and this makes it safe for a child. This means that the child will be able to push the bike forward and it will commence to be in motion. This is certainly an easy way for the child to learn the basic skills of balance and steering co-ordination which are very important in riding a bike. The skuut metal balance bike is also very adjustable and easy to assemble with its seat and control bar being adjustable. It also has a bell and a hand brake which makes it possible for the child to be able to maintain control of the bike.

All these features just go on to highlight why the skuut metal balance bike is the bike which has your child’s fun and safety at heart.

Exercising and Senior Citizens

Moderate and controlled exercises can and in fact, must be executed starting from the early childhood years and all the way up into adulthood. If in case you are a senior citizen who has lived a sedentary or inactive lifestyle for a long period of time and you want to start out with a workout program, then it is highly suggested that you consult with your physician first and acquire a clearance from him or her before you even start. Contingent upon your present level of fitness, you may either obtain a full go-forward from your physician or possibly a provisional one.

One example of a provisional go-forward is that, if in case you are stricken with diabetes, you maybe asked to check the level of your blood sugar after every workout session. Another example would be is that, if you are suffering from osteoporosis, you maybe required to utilize a stationary bike, treadmill or simply swim; instead of following a program which comprise of exercises that have high
intensity levels.

Supposing that you have already received a clearance from your physician, then it is critical that you pick out exercises which are physically moderate and that you know you would take pleasure in performing since the instance that you begin with your program, you will be required to execute the routines included in it day by day.

There is actually an abundance of moderate workouts which you can pick from, to include: swimming, stationary bike, treadmill, walking, brisk walking, jogging, tennis (doubles), golf, balancing, rebounding, slow dancing, aerobics, stretching, resistance training and light weight lifting, and this is just to name a few.

A lot of clinical studies have established that senior citizens who workout on a regular basis during their senior living years are at a very low risk of suffering from old age frailty as well as experiencing serious health related conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and even some form of cancer.

So, upon realizing this, what is it that you are still waiting for? Get your behind off that couch and begin your customized daily workout program as early on as possible. You will surely be surprised at the end results that you are to feel and see in a reasonably short span of time – a couple of weeks to a few months tops. However, never stop there. Try to make exercising an integral part of your everyday plan from here on end!

Are you Thinking about Internet Jobs ?

Internet jobs are a great tool to escape the daily grind of commuting back and forth to work. Local gas prices have increased sharply in most areas of the United States, and in other key place around the world. Current rates are a few cents away from $ 5 dollars per gallon. This increase in price will cause many people to question their commute and the cost of working outside the home.

It costs many people a great deal of income to work. This cost of working usually is not an area of the budget that is considered when looking at or creating a monthly spending plan. Common costs of working in traditional jobs are child care, lunches eaten outside of the home, clothing, and additional meals eaten out. Part time jobs and careers that do not offer performance  based bonuses or cost of living increases may feel very restrictive. There may be a need for increased income, but the work position may feel like a necessary evil to live well.

Top Benefits of Internet Jobs

Many internet jobs do not require reporting into a local boss for daily meetings. Some local employers that have  work at home employees may have monthly or quarterly meetings with mandatory attendance requirements. Tally up the current amount of income spent on simply commuting to work.

Working in a safe work environment is not usually a problem, until something bad or disturbing happens. If you are experiencing sexual harassment, unwanted drop in visitors, workplace hostility, or verbal abuse from people are work, consider internet jobs. You would be free to do all required work without worry about other people that may have wandered into the workplace, or those that may wish to cause strife.

Reclaiming time is very easy when your scheduled work break and lunches are at home. Think of the things that can be done in a short fifteen minute or hour long lunch break around the house. Dinner can quickly be prepared and the expense of eating out can be avoided. It is easier to prepare healthy lunches and snacks. You can clean, study for  class, or do anything else on your to do list, without fear of being late when reporting back in to your internet job.

Working online is a good way to experience a different work environment. It may take a while to get into a routine and avoid interruptions. Visit Internet Employment for internet careers ideas.

Why Cell Phone Plans Are Unfair To Businesspersons Who Travel

As an international businessperson, I understand the needs of the traveler who racks up millions of frequent flyer miles every year as we travel for work.  We have been in hundreds of airports in hundreds of small towns.  We eat fast food and fine cuisine.  We know the hotels and motels employees by name.  We are the American businessman and businesswoman who fly the friendly skies spending more time on the road than we do at home.  What we need is a new cell phone plan that we do not have to pay an arm, leg, and half a paycheck to maintain.

Making Travel Easier

Find the traveling businessperson a cheap cell phone no contract can tie down and he will be a happier person.  We are always on the lookout for cheap cell phones for sale that will make our lives easier and travel less expensive.  Paying extra charges because we sometimes leave our service area does not work for us.

Unfair Fees

I could buy a cell phone company with the money I have paid for roaming, out of service area fees, and lost cheap cell phones.  The last time I lost my cell phone the Google cell phone tracker found it behind the seat of a rental car almost a thousand miles away.  Cheap cell phones with tracking technology are almost a necessity when you travel hundreds of thousands of miles per years.

Unlock the Phones

The best phones for us would be the cheap cell phones unlocked so that they can be used anywhere in the world.  On any given day, the business traveler may be hundreds of miles out of his or her service area.  It just does not seem fair that we should have to pay so much more to conduct our business.  If you really want to be fair, invent cheap cell phones that do not bind us to a contract that only applies to others and not to us.

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