The Many Solutions For An Outdoor Playhouse

Many children love to play outdoors and wish for an outdoor playhouse. There are many different options. There are kits to purchase with instructions on putting the structure together. Prefabricated options are available by manufacturers of childrens’ play equipment and toys. They can be located in many home improvement and department stores, as well as some garden centers.

If you have decent carpentry skills and want to make your own toy playhouses, this is a great cost-saving option. There are many design plans available online. Many are free and provide graphics or illustrations to help with the process. If this is a project you believe you can tackle, make sure to use the appropriate wood materials that won\’t cause injury to a child.

The plastic resin models made by Little Tykes and other toy makers are sturdy. They also tolerate all kinds of weather. The only issue is that they may not be large enough for many children or for older children who want their own private space or a clubhouse feel.

Wooden playhouse models usually come in kits that must be assembled. This option provides the greatest variety in size, price and style. Some are painted in attractive color schemes. Others come with various wood finishes. You can find a few models with no paint or finish, so you can choose your own. Whatever materials are used, make sure they are not harmful to children. Many styles are available, including the cottage playhouse, with working windows and doors.

Basic resin models can be purchased for as little as $75. wood models can cost as much as $4,000, depending on size. They can be found at home improvement stores and can also be found online, from retailers of wooden sheds and greenhouses. Make sure that regardless of the model you select, it will stand up to constant use, as outdoor playhouses are very popular among children of all ages.