Our Teenagers Are Out Of Luck When It Comes To Jobs

Teenagers are at a very influential age and looking for and getting a job can be quite traumatic. It has always been hard for teens to get jobs, especially if it is their first job. But right now is an especially difficult time for them as the economy has taken most of the teen jobs by doing away with them or having older workers apply for them.

Teenagers looking for jobs for 16 year olds are the ones that are probably looking for their first real job with a real employer. Most businesses won’t hire workers under the age of 16 so that is the age that kids first go out into the working world and try to find work. They need money of their own for clothes, dates, video games, iPods, and all the other stuff teenagers want to buy now days. In tough times like these, many of their allowances have been cut back because their parents are out of work and a job is more important than ever.

Employers facing an awful economy are in turn flooded with applicants. Jobs that might normally gone to 16 year olds might have adults apply as well. What do hiring managers do in that situation? Do they give the job to the teen who has no experience or to the older worker who has a family?

Anyone looking for jobs for 16 year olds has to realize what a tough situation they are in and understand that it will take perseverance to find that first job. Any teen that gets discouraged easily is bound to give up and think it is hopeless. But the teen that is determined will keep on looking even though the prospects seem dim.

While a teen continues to look for work, he or she should work on their interviewing skills and evaluate the way they dress and talk to someone that might hire them. If they continue to improve their skills and their image, they will increase their chance of eventually getting hired. Any teen who is absolutely determined to get a job will work hard at it until it finally happens.