Organizing the Toy Room

If you have children, you likely have a toy room.  And you know what that toy room looks like.  Unless you go in and clean it yourself, there are likely toys everywhere.  On the floor, draped on other toys, over top of the telly….well, you get the picture.  But what parent wants to spend all of their time picking up their child’s toys?

I recently figured out how long I was spending picking up toys all day.  Broken into small periods of time throughout the day, it ended up being 2 hours over the entire course of the day.  Over a week, that’s fourteen hours!  And I have plenty else I can do with my time.

So to fix this problem, I’ve decided to organize the toy room.  Here’s what I did:

  • Went through all the toys.  All the broken toys and toys I didn’t like or didn’t see the kids play with were thrown away.  We looked into donating those that were not broken, but the Salvation Army did not take them.  You could also give them away to others or do a garage sale if you have more time.  By doing this, I had a good idea of what toys we had left.
  • Bought several things to help organize the remaining toys.  I got a toy chest for the large toys.  For the cars, legos, and dolls clothes, I bought the See and Store Toy Rack with 12 Bins.  I also consider the Little Colorado Toy Organizer  Bookshelf, but decided against it as we have bookshelves already in another room of the house.  I also had a few large bins that used to contain baby clothing (it’s now been donated).
  • With the children with me, we put all the toys away in the new storage furniture.  We also stored about a third of the remaining toys for a toy rotation.

So far, the new plan is working well.  We have a clean toy room, which the children love because they can find their favorite toys easily.  I do still have to remind them to pick up though.