Nursery Rhymes: Start Reading to Your Infant

Nursery rhymes are music to your infant’s ears.  In fact, it is music that is made by you, that is so soothing to a young child.  When they hear the happy calming voice that you project it immediately sends comfort to them and lets them know how much they are loved and builds that much needed trust, security and bond between the two of you.

When you are reading or reciting to a young infant it is best to look directly in their eyes and talk to them.  It is also great if you want to show them pictures to pick the brightly colored ones and hold the pictures about 12 inches from their face.  Very young infants see best at that distance.   As you repeat the words and the rhymes, the sounds become familiar to the baby and they love the repitition.  Change the tone of your voice, speed up and low down the rhythm and talk with different animations.  All of those changes stimulate and help your baby’s brain develop.

When you talk to you baby, speak in a happy and cheerful tone.  Let your child know each and every day how much they are loved, cherished and wanted in your life.  Those tones make your child feel loved and secured and science has shown that a secure baby learns much faster and is much more alert than one who is anxious and afraid. 

Try to spend a few minutes every day reading to your infant.  Pick different rhymes for different times of day.  Quiet soothing rhymes when it is bed  or nap time to soothe and coax the child to sleep, splish splash taking a bath rhymes at bath time to help your child have fun at bath time and food rhymes at meals times to bond with your family meal moments.

All of the above are so easy to do and you will always remember what special moments you have created for you and your precious infant just by reading rhymes during their infancy.