Natural Laxatives For Kids To Use

If you child has a constipation problem there are some natural laxatives that you can use to help them to have a bowel movement. It is tough to know what is wrong with a kid when they are not feeling well or when they are constipated because all they can tell you is that their tummy hurts or that something else is wrong. Kids also cannot remember when the last time they went to the bathroom was so it is tough to know if they are having digestive issues. If you have a feeling that your child might need a laxative so that he or she can make a bowel movement then there are some constipation remedies that you can use at home.

One reason that your child might be having a constipation problem is the lack of water that every child and adult needs. A lot of kids love soft drinks and other drinks that are not good for them, and sometimes we as parents get so caught up in the things that are going on in our lives that we do not realize how many soft drinks our children have had until they start having some kind of issue. Water is something that will help your child to use the bathroom and is great to use for a laxative because it is not harsh on a kid’s stomach the way over the counter laxatives are. Another one that you can use is fruit. Almost every child loves fruit and you should be able to find one that is high in fiber and has laxative qualities, so get your child to eat some fresh fruit and they should be able to make a bowel movement.

There are a few natural laxatives that are great for kids because they are gentle and will not add to the problems that you child is having. The first thing that you want to do is get your child to drink a lot of water and then make sure that they are eating fresh fruit and vegetables. If you use a combination of these remedies you will be able to help relieve the constipation problems your child is having.