Natural Cat Beds Are Best

There are many types of bed for cats. Most of the modern types involve some sort of plastic however and this can be detrimental to your beloved feline friend’s health. While most of the materials used specifically for a cat bed are perfectly fine the truth is that not all “cat beds” start out that way. Some of them start out as a cardboard box, a clothes basket, sometimes even old tires!

To avoid making your kitty sick it is best to utilize natural cat beds whenever possible. One of the best types of bedding construction material for a cat is wicker. A wicker cat bed provide sturdiness, stability, and if constructed properly they are also lightweight and non-toxic. One of their best features is also that they are also quite cheap as well.

natural cat beds

natural cat beds

Whether cat beds are made of wicker, wood, or any similar material does not matter. The end result is a much happier and possibly a much healthier kitty. Natural materials do not have the pre-fabricated smell and overall odour of some of the man made products such as polyurethane and other plastics. Natural cat beds make a kitty more comfortable as they speak to their inborn desire for both comfort and the natural world. One way to make a true house cat feel comfortable is to buy or craft a wicker bed for them. This gives them something to chew or scratch on a little as well as act as a bedroom.

Outside of the actual framework of the bed there is also the matter of the lining of the cat bed. There are many easy man made products that can be used to line a bed but often a cat will be just as happy with an old wool sweater or something similar, preferably with no dye. For those individuals that demand a proper cushion for their beloved feline there are many natural products on the market as well. The most natural of these material bed cushions is going to be labelled organic or something similar. This means that the bed is made from all natural fibres such as cotton or wool.

The choice to give your cat a natural based bed is an important one. This will aid in supporting an eco-friendly household on the one hand and it will keep the cat safe, warm, and cosy due to the lack of allergic reaction to man made bedding such as polyester. Some cats will lose their hair or become sick if they sleep in man made materials. While this is not a common occurrence by any means it is an entirely possible one.

Natural cat beds not only make the cat happier they also add a touch of beauty to a normally sterile looking situation. Instead of giving your cat an old box with some throw-away clothes try out something made of wicker or wood. Your kitty will thank you!