Motorcycle Jackets For Kids

Kids love to be like their parents, and the other adult favorites in their lives. If the parents own leather motorcycle jackets then their kids are going to want to have leather motorcycle jackets of their own.

Kids leather jackets are available in the real thing, except they are in their sizes. These jackets are available in the same types of leather as the adult jackets. The most common leather is different grades of cowhide. The grades range from split cowhide to top grain cowhide, with some in between. Leather motorcycle jackets also come in other leather types like American buffalo, and lamb skin. American buffalo is durable, but lambskin although very soft and beautiful is not for durability and protection. It is too thin and soft.

The kids leather motorcycle jackets also come with the same quality hardware. It is important for motorcycle jackets to come with durable hardware such as the zippers and the snaps. It is best to make sure the jackets come with YKK made in the USA zippers. This means they will work time after time without sticking and separating. Snaps that are made well, that will snap and unsnap easily while still holding are important also.

Kids jackets also come in the same styles as adult jackets. The classic style is a popular one. It is the James Dean look, with a wide collar that snaps down. This collar can be unsnapped so that the jacket can be zipped up further to keep out the cold and wind. There are also the bomber jackets, and the euro jackets. Jackets for kids are also available in other colors. The girls are available in pink, while the boys also come in blue.

No matter what the color, the style or leather type, kids will love to have their own jacket so they can be just like dad and mom.