Monogrammed Gifts for Mom

Nothing says that an item belongs to you quite like a monogram. Simple, yet stylish and elegant, monogrammed gifts state whose item it is without being overly gaudy. This is why a monogrammed gift makes the perfect present for mom.

You most likely can have a monogrammed gift done at several locations nearby your home. Because having an item monogrammed is so special, there is a huge demand for them. You could buy your mother a simple cloth shirt and have it turned into an item of elegance once her initials are monogrammed into it. You can find nearby business that do monogrammed gifts in the phone book, by asking around among your friends, and also online.

Another way to monogram things is to do it yourself at home with the help of craft supplies you could purchase at a store such as Walmart or Michaels. A plain handkerchief can quickly become a work of art if you choose to embroider initials and a design in it. Not only would a gift like this be beautiful, but it would also be extra special to mom since you had a hand in making it!

Some practical gifts for mom to consider would be monogrammed tote bags, laptop bags, travel accessories, home decor items, etc. You can order these online and are able to choose what style and font you want your gift in.

By looking around online, you can also find other beautiful monogrammed items such as necklaces, bags, and even shoes!

A lovely gift idea that the whole family could become involved in would be a monogrammed drinking glass or cup. By purchasing a plain glass or cup along with some waterproof paints, you and your family could work to design a piece of art that’s sure to take mom’s breath away. For instance, you could paint mom’s initials in large letters and then have the rest of the family sign their names or draw a design around it. This would definitely be a project that the kids could get into and enjoy!

Whatever you choose to do, be it purchasing your mom a gift online, going to a local store for custom work, or being “artsy” and doing it yourself, mom is sure to love her special monogrammed gift from the people she cares about most.