Mom and Son Relationships are Important

Relationship building for a mom and son can be harder for some parents and children. It seems that the natural relationship between a father and son is much easier to develop and nurture. Every parent wants to be close to his or her children, but sometimes this can be harder for mom and son.

There are different moral expectations and this can especially be a difficult situation for a Japanese mom and son or Russian mom and son. There are a few ways that these relationships can be built even in cultures where it is not a common practice to be close with ones son. I know in America there are strong family ties that are not necessarily based on sex or the family structure and this may make it easier and more socially acceptable in our county than others.

Always listen to your son and find out what is important to him. This is one way that a mother may be able to stay humble and not intrude on their son’s life, but at the same time, you can be part of their day-to-day life. It is amazing what you can pickup from another person simply by listening. Many times asking questions and trying to get information from your son may only push them further away. Since being in close contact and trying to befriend a son may not be a socially accepted form of interaction, a Japanese mother may be able to feel involved and learn about their son this way, without causing any problems with other family members and relations.

Another way to build a healthy relationship between mom and son is to try to let them know that you are supportive of their actions. You may not always be able to be there and be a cheerleader so to speak but it is important for a mom and son to connect on a “confidence” level. It is important for the child to understand that the mother always is behind their efforts. Just being there for them when they need is very important for moms and son.

It can also be a great relationship-building tool for mom and son to play together whenever they can. Playing together can be fun and a wonderful way to get to know your son; rather at home, at a park or even practicing your son’s favorite sport. So the next time you son is off to play, see if he wants some company, his response may very well surprise you!

No matter how you decide to connect with your child it is important that you do, everybody needs to feel loved and know that their mother loves them. This can be difficult for mom and son, but it is achievable if you try. Building strong relationships with children is one of the most important parts of parenthood and there is no reason to let the difficulties of being a good mother stand in the way of this. Just take it one-step at a time and even the most distant mom and son are assured to become lifelong friends.