Medical Assistant Salary and Pay

There are a lot of different things that determine a medical assistant salary that you will want to know about if you are thinking about going into the medical field. It is great to have a good job, with nice benefits, and a good salary that will allow you to pay your bills. Some jobs are a lot of hard work and only pay a little bit of money for the work that is done. When you are trying to figure out how much a medical assistant makes for the work that they do there are a few different factors that make up the salary.

One of the first things to do when looking at the medical assistant salary is to know what all tasks have to be performed. Medical assistants are very versatile workers who perform a number of different tasks. They do anything from basic administrative work to being the doctor’s right hand man. Some of the tasks that are performed include: such things as handling bills, filling out paperwork for insurance, and taking x-rays as well as other lab tests. Also at times there will be other tasks that the doctor might need to have completed which will be the responsibility of the medical assistant.

The assistant medical salary will largely depend on the number of tasks that are required and the amount of experience that the person has. If you have experience you will likely make more than those who do not have any experience. If you are asked to do a large number of duties then you will most likely make more than those who only have a few duties.

The salary for medical assistant varies based upon the previously mentioned criteria. The pay can be anywhere from $9 to $19 with the salary ranging from $23,000 to $33,000 per year. Not only the duties and experience that a person has are taken into account. There are other factors such as the education level of the person who is hired to do the job. Also, the type of medical office that you work in will be taken into account. Private medical facilities may cost more than public ones and large companies may pay more than small ones.

When you are trying to determine a medical office assistant salary the same factors are used. This type of job may only require administrative duties such as filing patient records, filling out insurance forms, and getting the office ready for patients who are going to be admitted. The salary will be based on the previously mentioned factors.

The average medical assistant salary is somewhere around $26,000 depending on the type of medical assisting that you will be doing. Also, depending on the location that you live in and the type of office that you work in it could be higher or lower. If you are thinking about working in the medical assisting field then you will want to ask someone that works in the field what you can expect to make.