How Can I Match A Phone Number To A Person

When you’ve just received a call and you don’t immediately recognize the number, the first question that enters your mind is, “how can I match a phone number to a person“, isn’t it?

Most telephone and cell phone users just can’t stand the idea of not knowing who the missed or unknown call was from.  And some people will go to any lengths to match a phone number to a person.  “Whose cell phone number is this?”, if truth be told, probably gets asked about a zillion times a day.

In fact, that is the problem with my best friend, Pam.  Popular gal that she is, my friend gets a ton of calls from guys that she has never met, and believe me,  there are some of them that she doesn’t want to meet either.

Pam won’t rest until she finds out to whom a phone number belongs.  She used to drive her Mom, sisters, and all of her friends nuts trying to discover the identity of the owner of some unknown number that popped up on her cell phone.

match a phone number to a person

match a phone number to a person

We finally all got together and made a list of things we could do to help her find out who a phone number belongs to.  First, she could continue to ask us, her friends and family, then, if we didn’t recognize the number, she could google the number.

Actually, googling worked out pretty well if  the call was coming from a business number or a number that had been published online, however, lots of people do not let their personal number be published.

She could look in the local phone book, but there again, how many cell phone numbers are listed there?  And, who wants to go flipping through hundreds of pages trying to discover whose cell phone number is this?

Finally, we all just decided that to save all our time and energy, we suggested to Pam that the best thing she could do was to subscribe to one of the online reverse phone look up services.  WOW, was that ever a time saver for her and all the rest of us too.

Now, all she has to do is go to her computer, type in the unrecognized number, and straight away she has the name of the person who the phone number belongs to.

The reverse phone lookup service she subscribed to is very inexpensive, and it is totally guaranteed.  If they don’t give you the identity of the owner, you don’t pay.  But, so far, every single time,  her question, “whose phone number is this“, has been accurately answered.

While they don’t promise that they can find the identity of every phone number on the planet, their ability to match a phone number to a person is almost like magic.