Making Extra Money on eBay

Some people are completely put off by the idea of listing merchandise for sale online.  For whatever reason, they think it is a difficult process.  The truth is however, the granddaddy of all selling sites, eBay, has made the entire process much easier than most people would ever imagine.  Getting paid for thing you already own can be as simple as taking a photograph and writing a short description.

If you’re one of the many people who have boxes filled with old items that you do not even remember buying, you may be an eBay seller in the making.  Many times we end up having other people’s castoff items given to us when they move or feel a need to clear out their own homes.  Often, they give us these things as a type of gift.  That makes us feel like we have to keep it around forever.  Personally, I’ve come to the conclusion that if I have not even looked at something in the past year, I probably do not need it and it is eligible to go up for sale on eBay.

What kinds of things can you sell on eBay?  Well, as long as you stay within their terms of service, the sky is the limit.  Old or vintage clothing, collectibles that have been collecting dust, and presents that were received and never even opened all work quite well as a starting point for your eBay selling.

making money with ebay

making money with ebay

You may find with a little bit of research, that you actually have something pretty valuable that you did not even realize was worth anything at all.  Small collectible items are a great example of this.  Sometimes, the strangest things, like vintage salt and pepper shakers, will bring back very nice selling prices if they catch the attention of a couple of competing bidders.  You just never know what somebody out there is collecting.

Another approach, is to look for items that are hard to find and in demand.  Children’s toys fall into this category much of the time as Christmas approaches.  I myself, recently purchased the Cars pitstop workbench from an eBay seller because it was not available anywhere in my area.  If you live in a semi remote area, without large crowds of people, you can sometimes find these hard to get items and turn a nice profit with them.  Take a look at the site.  You may be surprised at what gets bought and sold every day.