Making DIY Wind Spinners

Everybody knows what a joy a wind spinner can be. Set one up in your garden or on the deck of your boat or just plop one on the front lawn. They bring a smile to people’s faces.

And that’s why you can buy so many of them these days. The market for garden wind ornaments is gigantic. You can purchase everything from giant salmon to John Deere tractors. But if you are the crafty sort – or just like a challenge – how about creating your own DIY wind spinner?

Rainbow Garden Spinner April 21, 20101It’s not as complex a job as might seem at first glance. You can start simple and slowly move up the ladder of complexity.

If the option appeals to you, start by looking for a home kit – literally a spinner that you can make at home by following instructions. If you are a newcomer to this particular craft, that’s a straightforward and reasonable way to go.

When you are ready to build wind spinners from scratch, you might start by taking an old one apart. Set it down on a flat surface and literally dissect it. How does one piece fit into another? What pieces seem easy to replace?

In other words, just how basic can a wind spinner be and still function?

The answer is they can be pretty darn simple. While there are fancy models out there, they operate on extremely basic principles. Keep this mind when you start to create your own.

For example, you can make a plastic soda bottle spinner. Clean a two liter bottle and keep the cap. Using a paper clip, make a hook that reaches through the cap. Then attach a ball bearing swivel – easily purchased at any store that caters to fishermen – to he paper clip.

And voila! You have a basic wind spinner. Now start decorating it!