Make school lunches interesting and healthy

What can you put in school lunches to give to your children to take that is healthy and will actually get eaten? Feeding kids good wholesome food is not easy, because it takes time to prepare and they are often more interested in junk food anyway. Sugary drinks and treats are making our kids fat and unhealthy, and will cost them dearly in the future. Here are a few healthy ideas that you can try, for both young and old customers.

For a start look at the snacks you are buying. Most people automatically like to put those little bags of chips, crackers, or snack biscuits in lunches. They are quick and easy, but look at what is in them. Lots of sugar and salt, not to mention more harmful additives no doubt. Replace these snack packs with a little plastic Tupperware container or similar, filled with a selection of  toasted nuts, dried fruit and crackers. This is more sustaining, and still fun to nibble on.

Start adding fresh fruit if you are not doing so already. If they don’t eat the fruit you are giving them try cutting it up into slices or chunks and putting these in a container as fruit salad. Add   a little container of yogurt and you are talking very healthy indeed. Also try getting some tropical or other exotic fruit that is a special treat. Everyone loves mango and papaw, which is still a fresh fruit and still healthy.

Lastly stop giving those bottles of cordial and fruit juice concentrates. Even the one that claim to contain no sugar and lots of vitamins are really not very good. Try juicing fruit at home, either with an orange juicer or a different juicer machine. Kids can get involved helping to make juice to drink and to take to school, and you can buy a great user friendly orange juicer for as little as $50. These machines are usually non-electric, and instead rely on muscle power to crush the juice out – so you get a bit of a workout and a hit of vitamins! Bench top presses like this are easy to operate thanks to the big leverage you get, so you don’t have to be super strong. A good example is the Orange-X, which is reviewed as being easy enough for kids aged 6+ to use. Shop around – the net is generally where you find the best deals, by cutting out retail premiums.