Time For Liv Dolls

Everybody is familiar with Barbie and most everyone has heard of Bratz. These are fashion dolls of the past because there are more realistic fashion dolls on the horizon. Yes, I’m talking about the Liv Dolls which have taken the doll world by storm.

The blond Liv Doll is Sophie and she is into fashion and wigs although she wants to be a hair stylist. Which works out well because you can cut and style their hair because they come with interchangeable wigs. Remember when Barbie got a haircut is was permanent and it hardly seems right for America’s first fashion model to have a bad hair day. One bad hair cut and it was time to move on to Skipper.

Thankfully with the Liv Doll wigs accidents are no problem. Katie is the skateboarder, just watch out for her when she is not on wheels, that is when she becomes a klutz. Alexis is into the latest fashions and loves dressing up her BFF’s. Fortunately the Liv Girls come with many fashion accessories and outfits so dressing them up is easy. Some of the available accessories are dresses, shoes, jackets, pants, skirts, belts, purses, and an assortment of different hairstyle wigs.

The last liv doll is Daniela who plays guitar and loves to rock out. She also has a liv doll dog named DJ. What makes the Liv Girls realistic is they have a more normal body image, pose-able limbs, and realistic glass eyes. Some say that they are even more like real girls because, unlike Barbie, they actually have flaws.

Liv World is a virtual Liv Doll world. With each purchase of a Liv Doll you get a code to enter. There are videos, games, more info, and the inside scoop on everything Liv. Give your child a better fashion doll and hopefully a better outlook on life.