Little Girls’ Wish List: Child Vanity Sets

Little girls,oftentimes, like to imitate their mothers,sisters or female relatives. They would play dress up and pretend to put on their make ups. Usually, they would set their hairs into buns and braids similar to their female role models. They also love playing around in the mirror and making themselves pretty. As adults, we are amused when we see little kids acting like this. Parents and doting relative members would often indulge these cute kids with child vanity sets

Child vanity sets are produced in every style and design imaginable, ranging from different cartoon characters up to Victorian inspired vanity sets. Choosing a child vanity set requires much consideration on certain factors. First, consumer of child vanity sets should consult the child on which specific style caught her fancy. For instance, buying a little girl with a pink vanity set when her favorite color is purple is not sensible thing to do. Second, it is necessary to take in account the age of the child and the size of the bedroom. It is better to let the child sit on the stool and to let her try it out for herself. Manufacturers usually produce vanity sets for child for various age group.  Third, the style should more or less suit the design of the room of the child. It is disturbing to place a Victorian inspired vanity set in a cartoon character filled bedroom.

Many supermarkets such as Target and Walmart carry child vanity sets. Some furniture shops and hardware stores also sell child vanity sets. Another great option is to look around for child vanity sets in the internet. Online stores such as and offer cheaper vanity sets as compared to those in stores. The best choice for vanity sets for older girls is the Kylie collection 3 piece set.   If you are eyeing on buying a vanity set through the internet, you must take note that online stores usually charge shipment fee, so put that in consideration when comparing the prices between your local stores and online stores. Prices for child vanity set usually ranges from a low of $105 to a high of $200.