Legos For Girls

In looking for a birthday gift for my favorite niece, I suddenly thought about Legos. I played Legos as a kid and had hours of fun with the building blocks and the action figures. I’d act out elaborate scenarios for the doctor or policeman Lego. It was tons of fun and I can’t believe that it hadn’t been an obvious choice for Sarah, who turns 10 next week.

As I poked around the web, looking for bargains, I was surprised to see the selection of Legos for girls. It is pretty bleak. There are a few “baby” type Legos that are designed with younger kids in mind. The farm and the zoo were cute but too simple for a ten year old. So I did the obvious thing — I did a Google search. That is how I found the Belville line of Legos. Designed especially for girls. I don’t think of myself as some sort of feminist, far from it! But the selection of “girl” Legos was pathetic. Horses and puppies. And a pink house.

legos for girls

So I stopped and thought about Sarah. I remember how much she loved Star Wars. So I typed in “Star Wars” at the Lego site and bam! Of course they have tons of Star Wars Legos. And why shouldn’t that be a perfect gift for a girl? I don’t think it is going to turn her into a tomboy or anything. She liked the movies and now she can play out scenes from the movies — with or without Jar-Jar. I remember the Star Wars movies of my childhood and Princess Leia was a strong female character.

Now, for the tomboys in my life….. Legos has Pirate Legos and Castle Legos and space police! I have several young kids in my family so Legos will be the perfect gifts for the next few Christmases to come. When they are a little older, and depending on their likes and dislikes, we can enter the world of Lego Mindstorms. Lego robots look very cool indeed.