Learn How To Read Faster

So what is speed reading all about?  Simply put, you are reading complete sentences and sometimes paragraphs instead of individual words when you speed read.  As children we learned to read by recognizing words.  When we read therefore our method is to read one word at a time.

Most everyone reads the way they were taught as a child, one word at a time.  We learned how to read, but not how to read intelligently.  Learning the mechanics of reading is just as important as learning to recognize words and letters.  Most probably however you were never taught how to better comprehend what you’re reading or increase your reading speed. Exploring how we are currently reading, will help us better understand what techniques must be acquired to learn how to read faster and become a speed reader.  We read the words on a page from left to right in what we consider a smooth transition across the page.  When we examine this more closely however, we discover that your eyes stop at each word or two for a split second, and then jump to the next word, rapidly starting and stopping until you reach the end of the line.  Eyes shift to the left of the page and we start jumping from word to word again.

Eliminating many of the starts and stops our eyes are constantly making can increase how fast we read.  When we picture the entire phrase or sentence and send the image to the brain our eyes have only stopped and fixated once and then moved on to the next phrase.   When you are reading each phrase instead of each word, you are speed reading.

Learning how to read faster by fixating on the phrases is not difficult to learn but does take a little practice.  If you apply yourself your reading speed will increase with very little effort on your part.  A good speed reading course can teach you to become a faster reader by the time you finish the first few chapters.