Lamp Shades for Kids

All parents aim for their children’s rooms to be bright and colorful and in this respect the lamps and lamp shades used play a vital role. There are countless designs and types of shades available in lighting stores and online especially made for kids, and you will even find some made specifically for girls or boys in each age group. You can even get them custom made according to the general theme of the room

For your little princess

It seems to be a universal fact that all girls love pink, and this is what most designers keep in mind when designing lamp shades for girls. Beautiful, circular or square lamp shades are made with fairies, princesses, cartoon characters, flowers, bows, tiaras, hearts, unicorns, stars and many more designs that a little girl can ever wish for! These can really brighten up her room when used for table or hanging lamps. Apart from these, plain checkered or stripe patterned varieties are also available. Drum shaped shades done in colorfully patterned fabric or her favorite design on them are perfect accessories for a girl’s room. These shades can also be made according to the theme of the room – jungle, underwater, tropical, Barbie and various other themes can easily be found. All these designs and much more are available for browsing and purchasing online and also in all leading home decor stores. You can even make these lampshades at home using fabric paints, glitter, beads and ribbons!

For your handsome prince

Boys love their own space and there is no limit to their imagination when they want to pretend to be cowboys, soldiers, or even characters from their favorite shows like bat man, superman spider man etc. Brighten up the room using lamp shades with patterns and pictures of his favorite sport, car, cartoon character, robots, air planes, aliens, or even his favorite color combination. Try to incorporate blues into the shades, but this is not a necessary rule. You can even get these shades custom made according to his favorite computer game or action figures.

Lamp shades for kids’ rooms are easily available in all colors and designs to fulfill your kids’ wishes. Brighten up their rooms with the perfect one from the huge variety available.