Kids Pretend Makeup – A Closer Look

Let’s look at what you can find in the market place as it relates to kids pretend makeup. First, there are a few options to consider. The options include really cheap plastic parts that don’t look or feel like real makeup. These barely clear the minimum criteria to be even considered kids pretend makeup. They have a hard time keeping children’s attention because they don’t really resemble actual makeup.

Second, there is also very expensive wooden kits that are cut and sanded, and then painted and lacquered in an attempt to appear like real makeup but are too large and disproportionate to actually resemble real makeup kits. The upside to these is that they are practically indestructible and will last a very long time. However, they don’t really look very convincing to children and will soon end up as the puck in a game for floor hockey in households with older children.

Kids Pretend Makeup – Or is it Real Makeup?

The third group is one that, quite frankly, I don’t understand how they can actually be classified as kids pretend makeup. This group is what I call the real makeup group. Cleaver naming convention, don’t you think? This is not pretend makeup at all, in my humble opinion. Rather, this is just very cheap real makeup. After all, we’re talking about kids pretending here. How can real makeup even be included in that category. That’s my view, but there are some who actually go searching for real makeup but insist upon calling it pretend makeup for kids. Personally, I don’t get it.

And then there was only one group left. This is the group of kids pretend makeup that provides the best of all worlds. First, it is actually not real makeup. It’s fake, and therefore qualifies as kids pretend makeup. However, it looks very real to the eye. Second, it feels very real to the touch. Now we’re talking pretending. It looks and feels real, therefore it will hold your child’s attention and they will play with it longer. Not just one time, but every time. And that means more free time for mom’s around the world. But perhaps more importantly, it means no mess for mom’s to clean up. After all, is kids pretend makeup for the child or their mothers… if you find one in the later group, it’s for both.