Kids Indoor Garage Play Area

People are always looking for good garage ideas and ways to use that extra space. If you have a two car garage and only one car, that is a lot of space that is just sitting idle.

In the winter time with all the wet and cold weather, it can be difficult to find ways for kids to burn off their energy. Changing your garage into a playground/gym area is a way to bring outdoor activities inside. Creating a play area in the garage gives you versatility depending on the weather. You can keep the heat in by keeping the garage door closed and the lights on. Or, if you prefer a more natural experience, you can keep the garage doors open to let the natural sunlight and fresh air in while the children play.

As for the type of playground you would like, the sky is pretty much the limit with regards to playground/gym design ideas. You can have slides, a rock wall, swing sets, game rugs, bean bags, large soft blocks, and larger rubber rocks to climb on. With so many types of play equipment, there is sure to be one that fits your needs and budget.

No matter what items you choose for your garage play area, it is highly recommended that you install rubber or foam flooring to protect children when they fall. You can get a nice rubber flooring for your whole garage that will protect the children from hurting themselves when they fall and protect the floor from oil spills, snow, and water that your car brings in.

One thing you need to do if you are going to have children playing in the garage is to remove all dangerous objects or at least put them well out of reach. You should also make sure the playing surface is totally clean and doesn’t have any oil or chemicals on it. Make sure you clean the floor real well before you install the protective surface and then take care to maintain the surface and keep it clean. This is just one of the many garage ideas you can do to take advantage of the extra space you might have that is now being wasted.