Should You Cave In To Your Child’s Request For A Cell Phone?

There is no doubt about it: parents today have a completely different set of decisions they have to make for their kids than their parents had to make for them. Most adults today grew up when the technology age was just beginning. There was a hint of things like cell phones and personal computers but they weren’t mainstream like they are now and not too many people had them.

Cell phones for kids is a problem that parents have to deal with it seems at an earlier age than ever before. What does a mom or dad do when their 6 or 7 year old starts asking for a cell phone? Really, is a cell phone at that age really necessary?

Cell Phones For Kids

Cell Phones For Kids

Kids always want what they see other kids with and as long as there is someone in class with something new like a disney cell phone for kids, every child will want it. The age debate with cell phones centers on just how young is too young for a child to have one? Some parents believe in the safety factor and want their children to have one and learn how to use it real early on. Other parents want to protect thier kids as long as they can from all this new technology.

Kids are supposed to be running, playing tag, kicking and throwing balls, and other things that children have always done. Now though, this new generation of youngsters would rather play video games than learn how to play golf or baseball. Many parents are concerned that new things like iPhones and Wii’s are taking over and actually doing harm. Children getting a cell phone at a very young age does help usher in a child’s desire to have these new gadget and may ultimately squelch their desire to just go out and play like a kid.